Care management data migration for a health plan in the US Midwest



The client, a health plan offering Medicaid plans in the Midwest, had launched the implementation of HealthEdge®’s GuidingCare® platform. Unlike its legacy care management system, GuidingCare® would allow integration with other applications, workflow automation, and importantly, the ability to easily scale and therefore support the health plan’s goal of expanding into new markets. Unfortunately, the legacy system vendor was not willing to participate in this transition and instead opted to provide raw data extracts of the client’s clinical records without documentation on the data model.


Anoteros was hired to migrate the data from the legacy system to GuidingCare®. We tapped into our deep healthcare payer experience, knowledge of care management, and expertise in data and technology. We brought together a team of data and business analysts, developers, and a project manager. The team hit the ground running, quickly learned the data model of the legacy system, and developed a data migration and archival strategy. The strategy not only included the steps to migrate data into GuidingCare® but also included steps to address the front-end and workflow impacts once the data was migrated into GuidingCare®. Our team created the data mapping specifications, developed the data migration routines, performed system testing, and facilitated the user acceptance testing of the migrated data in GuidingCare®.


The data migration was successful and supported a seamless transition between care management platforms for the end-users. The data archival strategy positioned the health plan to easily respond to future audits. Overall, the data migration allowed the client to complete the implementation project and turn their focus to expansion efforts.