Customer Insights: HealthEdge® GuidingCare® Implementation for HSCSN



Health Services for Children with Special Needs, Inc (HSCSN) is the contracted healthcare plan for the District of Columbia’s Child and Adolescent Supplemental Security Income Program (CASSIP). HSCSN provides complete care for children and young adults with special health care needs.

Anoteros is a key implementation partner for HealthEdge’s care management platform, GuidingCare, at HSCSN. The first phase of this multi-phase implementation was focused on Care Management and went live in Q2 of 2023. Anoteros, in partnership with HealthEdge professional services, will continue this phased implementation with Utilization Management, Authorization Portal, and Appeals & Grievances modules.

The HSCSN Leadership Team has the following things to say about working with the Anoteros team.

Anna Dunn, President

“From day one, Anoteros’ expertise was clear. We never felt like they were just trying to sell us something – they just demonstrated they had the expertise we needed. This allowed all our senior stakeholders to get onboard.  

Anoteros worked with us to develop a phased implementation that allowed us to start getting the benefits of the new system as soon as possible, while also keeping within our budget constraints.  

I really appreciated Anoteros’ approach to change management for the new system implementation. They created and followed a well thought-out approach that was really tailored for us.  

Working with Anoteros really felt like a partnership, not a vendor relationship. I trust their recommendations because I know they are working in our best interest, and in close collaboration with HealthEdge. ”

Dr. Eric Levey, Chief Medical Officer

“As a small health plan, Anoteros’ expertise in the health plan technology market was invaluable to us.  Going forward we would want to bring them in every time we are selecting a new system.  

Anoteros really tried to understand us – more than most consultants do. They gave us all the information we needed to make decisions, which helped us be confident in those decisions. ”

David Bishop, Director of Information Technology

Anoteros had a clear methodology – this allowed us to make scope and priority decisions very easily. Working with them, we were confident of success and ultimately, we went live on schedule.  

Anoteros had a solution-oriented approach throughout. When a problem arose, they always tried to find a solution within the current scope and budget, rather than defaulting to increasing their fee. ”

Lindsay Dafir, Director of Care Management

“Anoteros was fantastic the entire way through! So different than consultants I’ve worked with in the past. They really listened to our concerns and cared about the outcome as much as we did.  

Anoteros approached the project with a clear methodology – they were so organized. Some consultants just tell you to look at the project plan. The Anoteros team really understood the plan and methodology for the project and would guide us through it.  

 It felt like we were working with partners that wanted what was best for us. It felt like Anoteros was part of our team, not outsiders.

Anoteros and GuidingCare

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