IT strategy for a home health provider



Our client is a home health care provider servicing the New York metro area. The client was seeking assistance with an IT strategy and roadmap, with a primary focus on developing a plan for its highest priority, a cloud-based data warehouse. The organization was growing rapidly via the acquisition of smaller homecare agencies and needed a consolidated view of all its businesses and their underlying performances.


Anoteros assembled a team consisting of a program manager, business analyst, cloud data architect, and an Anoteros partner. Through meetings with key business leaders, IT staff, and other functional experts in the organization, we were able to assess and document the future state IT needs of the organization. Our assessment evaluated all major applications and their pain points and limitations. We developed a roadmap for remediation of these gaps with specific recommendations on solutions and projects for the client to undertake in several key areas including Billing, Accounts Receivable, and Payroll.

We also spent significant time evaluating the client’s data needs by analyzing key source systems, reviewing existing reports and KPIs, and ascertaining the client’s future data needs to support its operations and growth plans. Anoteros developed a plan for an Azure data warehouse solution utilizing various components of Microsoft’s cloud data stack.


Anoteros developed a detailed roadmap with timelines and budgets, providing a blueprint for IT investments required to support the organization’s growth plans. We designed the technical architecture for the new data warehouse and built a dynamic finance model for all Azure-related costs based on the client’s current data needs, but accounting for future growth tied to patient census projections.