Implementing a new HCM (Human Capital Management) solution for a leading non-profit


The Challenge

Our client is a non-profit organization based in New York City. Following a robust selection process, the client asked Anoteros to manage the implementation of their new human capital management (HCM) system. In addition to the system change, the client had decided to change its pay cycle from semi-monthly current basis to bi-weekly arrears basis. The client also sought Anoteros’ assistance in rolling out this significant change to its staff alongside the system change.

Our Approach

Anoteros provided the following support to the client throughout the implementation project:

  • Pay cycle change management: We helped the client develop employee communications and a loan program that would assist employees in managing the shift to arrears pay.
  • Project management: We acted as client-side project manager, ensuring the vendor was delivering as expected and that client team members were also fulfilling their responsibilities.
  • Business analysis: We worked alongside the HR team and the vendor as they configured the new HCM and helped to ‘translate’ between business needs and system capabilities.
  • General ledger expertise: We supported the client’s Finance team in working with the vendor to design a custom post-payroll general ledger export.

The Outcome

The transition to the new system was successful, with no payroll errors. The time taken to run payroll is significantly reduced due to increased automation and elimination of reconciliation ‘re-work’ that is inherent to current basis pay cycles. Additional interfaces with benefits carriers have reduced manual data input and transfer. Supervisors report a much easier timecard approval process, and HR has automated several previously manual processes. In addition, the client’s Finance team has eliminated all manual manipulation that they previously had to do on the HCM general ledger export.